Recording "In Another World (You Would’ve Found Yourself by Now)" by Maxïmo Park

Metadata value
MBID f97bb021-5347-4186-b354-f514445a1c40
title In Another World (You Would’ve Found Yourself by Now)
artist Maxïmo Park
release Quicken the Heart
track number 6 / 13
track length 02:59

Submission #1 out of 5

Low-level information Summary

Tonal & Rhythmvalue
key F minor (54.0%)
chords key C# major
danceability 1.05
bpm 165
beat count 488

High-level information

Voice, timbre, gender, etc.valueprobability
Voice instrumental 99.5%
Gender female 62.2%
Danceability not danceable 100.0%
Tonal atonal 99.2%
Timbre dark 99.9%
ISMIR04 Rhythm unsure 18.6%
Electronic electronic 97.9%
Party not party 100.0%
Aggressive not aggressive 100.0%
Acoustic not acoustic 90.4%
Happy not happy 99.3%
Sad not sad 93.4%
Relaxed relaxed 80.9%
Tzanetakis model unsure 30.9%
Electronic classification unsure 50.9%
Dortmund model electronic 99.4%
Rosamerica model roc 76.8%

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