We've set out the follow goals for this project:

  1. We are dedicated to keeping this project, data, code and community open in an effort to make all aspects of the project better.
  2. We need your help to make this project work. We are encouraging open collaboration on this project to produce a useful database.
  3. AcousticBrainz, Essentia and the community around both create a feedback loop. This feedback loop is designed to expose the data and algorithms to more people in a collaborative effort to improve the algorithms and training data. With better input, Essentia and AcousticBrainz will create better data over time. This process will take many iterations over a long time period.
  4. Essentia is continually being improved with feedback from both the AcousticBrainz community and the wider research community. We value input to improve the quality and accuracy of data that we add to AcousticBrainz.
  5. The AcousticBrainz database is a living document. While we believe the low-level data is relatively stable we are still soliciting improvements to this data and also to the high-level data. We will work with the community to update the data as soon as possible.
  6. We are not going to hide problems with our data. We’re interested to hear about the problems you find in the data. When we can identify problems, we can work to solve them.
  7. We challenge ourselves and everyone around us to think differently about these problems. We would like to avoid falling into the common pitfalls and we would like to encourage everyone to find new and novel approaches to solve our problems.