Recording "La vie intime est maritime" by Alain Souchon

Metadata value
MBID 84ec0509-909b-451d-949a-50746f464eb0
title La vie intime est maritime
artist Alain Souchon
release C'est comme vous voulez
track number A4 / 10
track length 3:44

Submission #1 out of 5

Low-level information Summary

Tonal & Rhythmvalue
key F major (61.0%)
chords key F major
danceability 1.18
bpm 128
beat count 477

High-level information

Voice, timbre, gender, etc.valueprobability
Voice Voice 57.4%
Gender Male 74.9%
Danceability Danceable 67.7%
Tonal Tonal 63.1%
Timbre Bright 95.8%
ISMIR04 Rhythm Viennesewaltz 19.9%
Electronic Not Electronic 70.5%
Party Not Party 93.0%
Aggressive Not Aggressive 100.0%
Acoustic Acoustic 73.5%
Happy Happy 59.7%
Sad Sad 65.6%
Relaxed Relaxed 88.0%
Mirex method Rollicking, Cheerful, Fun, Sweet, Amiable/Good Natured 48.1%
GTZAN model Jazz 31.1%
Electronic classification Ambient 65.1%
Dortmund model Electronic 87.1%
Rosamerica model Rhythm And Blues 47.9%

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