Recording "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush

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Metadata value
MBID 984deb15-92f3-4917-9929-c0e930dc8a54
title Hounds of Love
artist Kate Bush
release Hounds of Love
track number A2 / 12
track length 3:03

Submission #1 out of 132

Low-level information Summary

Tonal & Rhythmvalue
key F major (87.0%)
chords key F major
danceability 1.11
bpm 145
beat count 441

High-level information

Voice, timbre, gender, etc.valueprobability
Voice Voice 100.0%
Gender Male 78.6%
Danceability Not Danceable 76.1%
Tonal Tonal 98.6%
Timbre Bright 96.7%
ISMIR04 Rhythm Viennesewaltz 60.2%
Electronic Not Electronic 79.6%
Party Not Party 80.8%
Aggressive Not Aggressive 97.8%
Acoustic Not Acoustic 71.8%
Happy Happy 82.6%
Sad Not Sad 79.0%
Relaxed Not Relaxed 59.7%
Mirex method Rollicking, Cheerful, Fun, Sweet, Amiable/Good Natured 41.9%
GTZAN model Jazz 31.7%
Electronic classification Ambient 53.6%
Dortmund model Electronic 84.4%
Rosamerica model Rock 34.4%

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