Dataset "tagtraum_lastfm_acoustic"

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Dataset with ACOUSTIC vs. NOT_ACOUSTIC tracks. Each class contains 1215 each, i.e. the dataset contains a total of 2430 tracks. The acoustic tracks were the top tracks for the tag "acoustic" on on 7/18/2016 using the web service call tag.getTopTracks, which could be matched to the AcousticBrainz database. The not acoustic tracks were the top tracks for the tags "pop", "jazz", "latin", "classical", "metal", "hip-hop", and "house" retrieved via the same method and on the same day. Tracks from this set also being labeled with "acoustic" as well as tracks that could not be matched to AcousticBrainz were dropped. Genres may not be represented evenly. Because the absence of the "acoustic" tag is not the same as a song not being acoustic, this dataset is certainly not perfect. Also, just because someone labeled a track on with the tag "acoustic", a track may not be acoustic after all.

Author: hendriks
Creation time: Jul 18, 2016, 15:00 UTC